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      Michael A. Parker

      Executive Vice President
      President, Alumina
      Perth, Australia

      Michael Parker is an Executive Vice President of Alcoa and President, Alumina, responsible for the Company’s global alumina refinery portfolio which includes eight refineries in five countries (Australia, Brazil, Spain, Saudi Arabia and the U.S.). Michael is a member of the Alcoa Executive Team, which sets strategic direction for the Corporation. He is also Chairman and Managing Director of Alcoa of Australia Limited which is held 60 percent by Alcoa Corporation. In Australia, he represents the company to facilitate growth opportunities and manages key stakeholder relationships.

      Prior to the separation of Alcoa Inc. into two publicly-traded companies, Michael held the dual leadership roles leading Alcoa of Australia and the alumina refining business.

      Since joining Alcoa Inc. in 1994, Michael has held various management positions in Australia and the United States, primarily focused on Alcoa’s upstream operations in alumina and aluminum. From 2010 to 2015 Michael was Director Business Development and Marketing for Alcoa of Australia. He was responsible for sales, marketing, business development and energy strategy for the Australian operations. From January 2015 he was also Vice President Commercial for Alcoa’s global alumina refining business.

      For the three years prior to 2010, Michael worked in Knoxville, Tennessee, as Vice President of Alcoa Materials Management.

      Michael is President of the Australian Aluminium Council, Director of Alcoa Corporation Foundation, and Executive Sponsor for the Alcoa Women’s Network. He has previously served as a member of the London Metal Exchange’s Aluminium Committee, was a Director of the Trustee Board for the Alcoa of Australia Retirement Plan and a Director of the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline.

      Michael holds a Bachelor degree in International Business from Griffith University, Queensland.