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      Partnerships & Programs

      Alcoa Foundation believes that partnerships and collaboration are fundamental to achieving results. Each year, we allocate approximately one-half of our grantmaking budget to Alcoa’s global operating locations, consulting with stakeholders to craft meaningful community investment strategies addressing local needs and priorities. The balance of Alcoa Foundation awards are used to strategically develop signature partnerships across geographies that drive impact in our key focus areas:

      • Climate Change
        Promoting the prevention of, and resilience to, climate change through research, education, and sustainable solutions for communities to effectively manage and reduce the impacts of a changing climate
      • Biodiversity
        Restoring and preserving biodiversity around the world

      Investment Considerations
      When considering where to invest, Alcoa Foundation looks for nonprofit partners and programs that are outcome focused and deliver measurable results, and have the potential to be effectively implemented and sustained over time without our funding.

      Eligibility Criteria
      Grant applications to Alcoa Foundation are by invitation only.

      Our grants support communities where Alcoa has an operating presence, including Western Australia, Brazil, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Spain and a number of locations across the United States.

      See Working with Alcoa Foundation for more.